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Hi, I'm Erendira "Abbey!"

For the past ten+ years, I've had a camera in my hand and a passion for telling stories through photos and videos.


I graduated with my Master's from the University of Wyoming (go Pokes!) and studied Communication and Journalism. I'm lucky enough to be in a supportive Wyoming community that has allowed me to continue my love for visual storytelling through Morales Photo and Film. When I'm not behind a camera or editing, I'm likely grading speeches for my Public Speaking students. It's a busy lifestyle, but I love it!


Be it senior photos, your wedding film, or your wedding photos, it would be a joy to work with you!


If you're visiting my little corner of the Internet, I assume you're in a very important stage of your life. Congratulations! Maybe you're recently engaged and planning your wedding, or you're entering the last year of high school and looking for a senior photographer.

My style is different. I focus on being authentic to you and delivering powerful storytelling. So relax, enjoy this milestone with your loved ones, and let me do the rest.

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